Monday, 16 February 2015

Free To Trade

Its with a great amount of excitement that I'm delighted to announce that Shimrod Exchange now charges no fees whatsoever!

Through a combination of our amazing platform provider, a bit of technical wizardry and use of micro-payment processing we are now able to remove all site charges.

I'm especially delighted as this has been able to happen much sooner than planned (I didn't even know it would be available today!).

This goes a long way towards what I hope to create. A fair marketplace where you good folks can happily buy, sell, swap or advertise without charge!

I wanted to create a site that provides what say eBay or other markets offer but without the financial overheads. Miniature collection is expensive enough and the community needs a marketplace specifically designed for us.

I really, really hope you'll be excited by this news. And please. Spread the word.

If you're a hobbyist, painter or small independent retailer, this site is for you.


Simon 'Shimrod' Jones, Chief of Happiness.
Shimrod Exchange

(PayPal, of course, charge they're own fees, but that is nothing to do with us and these are the same paypal fees you always pay wherever you use it)

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