Thursday, 12 February 2015

Full Beta Launch

I'm really excited to tell you that the full Beta version of our new Miniature Trading Marketplace is now live.

Its been a lot of fun getting this far and we think you'll be impressed with the results.

You can take a look right now. Visit the Shimrod Exchange.

What's it all about?

I am a fanatical miniature collector and painter. I love trading, buying and very occasionally selling them.

I hate using eBay. Often the prices are ridiculous and most of the time I'd rather just pay a price (I don't like auctions) or I'd prefer to swap something. Its expensive to use eBay as well.

There are loads of groups on Facebook that are useful, but it would be nice and much easier if all these great trades were in one place but still easy to reference in FB.

The Shimrod Exchange makes all of this easy.

A Cool Listing

Its Free.

There's no fees to list stuff, no cost to trade miniatures and no pesky adverts. You can arrange private sales but also sell as a trader. All you need is a free PayPal account. Although PayPal make make a small charge they essentially provide all the transactional safety for you.

How does it work?

Easy. Just create an account (a Facebook login will work) and then create as many listings as you like.

You get a cool listing like the one on the right.

Plus you can set all sorts of extra details.

A Listings Page

When someone likes what you're offering they can see many more details.

Great looking details page
We know you're going to enjoy it!

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