Saturday, 21 February 2015

Ten Percent is Way Too Much

Hello Miniature Traders!

I guess you already know that ten percent is what eBay currently charge for selling miniatures. 

That is expensive. Madness. CRAZY TALK!

Its also really frustrating. Sometimes you have minis you'd like to sell (or trade) but frankly having to pay 10% on top of the PayPal fees is just crazy.

Facebook groups are great, but you can't always find a taker. Not only that, despite being careful, you may have been bitten by using 'personal' payments.

How to safely sell to people you may not know that well? 
How to reach more people?

We (and some like minded IT colleagues) have created

And it charges Nothing! There are no fees to use the site. 


Shimrod Exchange is peer-2-peer marketplace created by the gaming community. It allows gamers, collectors and retailers to exchange, find, buy and sell anything related to wargaming.

If you're selling it handles all the card payment and complicated stuff.

As well as doing away with fees we also wanted to offer a site where:

Its all about miniatures and wargaming. 

Its open and free. You can list your own site and you can encourage people to use your existing store. We can happily do this because we charge no fees.

It promotes fairness and is community-oriented.

Its supports not just sellers, but also people who want to swap or look for hard-to-find items.


We recently completed our user testing and we got some great feedback. So we're confident we've got a site that's right for the you.

The next step for us is to build up a community of quality sellers. Join us today.

Even if you only have a passing interest we'd love to hear your feedback.

There are some tips for sellers here:
You can start using the exchange here: 

The market is up and running so you can easily see the idea.

So take a look at



Simon Jones, Chief of Happiness.
Shimrod Exchange

PS/ Our site is highly optimised for miniatures-related, search engine queries. And did we mention its free? 

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