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The Oldhammer Spirit...

Shimrod Exchange is a community, peer-2-peer site that has a Vision Thing.

It exists as a facility for the gaming, painting and collecting community. Its purpose is make it easy and fair to exchange miniatures for everyone involved. Where costs are involved, the intention is to drive them down. It is, after all, quite an expensive hobby already!

It has been created as a counterpoint to less community-friendly Commercial  sites whilst still offering cool online features for exchanging, finding, promoting and of course buying and selling.

Therefore we have a Code of Conduct. We expect all community members to observe it.

We assume the best in people, therefore breaching the Code will probably result in a gentle reminder and a request to alter or remove your content accordingly.

Persistent, blatant or severe breaches of our Code will result in an outright ban. As per the Terms and Conditions we reserve the right to remove any user without explanation.

Currently we have an open-door policy to joining the community. We'd like to keep it that way. You have your part to play in that.

There's a more formal description below, but here's a more digestible, headline summary

Serious stuff that will almost certainly get you banned!

Lying, misleading, miss-selling, being rude, being offensive, breaking the law etc.

Copying or recasting or otherwise forging other peoples work.

Undesirable behaviour that risks a ban.

Unreasonable pricing. We have not yet decided to enforce any kind of price limits, however this is a community that values fairness. If you are selling something you have a right to ask for what you feel it is worth and we do not object to profit. However, if, in our opinion you are charging exorbitant prices (our judgement) with the aim of falsely over-inflating the value, you will be asked to correct your listing (or trade elsewhere).

Misrepresenting yourself. If you are found to be buying or selling under false pretences and misleading either buyers or sellers you risk being banned. Be clear about what you are offering, be prepared to discuss it with your community partners.

Not acting in good faith. Examples of such would be; offering goods you do not actually have; agreeing to exchanges that you do not subsequently honour; purchasing goods with the express purpose of reselling at a higher price. Although in the latter case there is nothing wrong with trading for profit this community exists to support hobbyists first and foremost. 

Trading with the intention of using items to help build you own collection is fine and to be encouraged! However persistent examples of buying purely for the purposes of 'selling on' may result in ban. We reserve the right to act with explanation.

Not upholding the values of the community. Fairness, honesty, courtesy.
If you do not share our values and do not feel you can abide by our Code of Conduct then you should not participate.

Code of Conduct in more detail. 

Restricted Content

This site is for listings related to the hobby of miniatures gaming and painting. We will remove any listing that, in our opinion, does not reflect that.

Counterfeit Goods

Shimrod Exchange does not allow the promotion of counterfeit goods. Counterfeit goods contain a trademark or logo that is identical to (or substantially indistinguishable from) the trademark of another. These goods mimic the brand features of the product in an attempt to pass themselves off as a genuine product of the brand owner.

This especially applies to the practice of recasting. Unless the seller can prove the have permission to do so, knowingly selling or trading in such items will result in an immediate ban.

Misrepresentation of Self, Product or Service

We don't want users to feel misled by listings, and that means being upfront, honest and providing them with the information that they need to make informed decisions. For this reason, we don't allow the following:
* promotions that prompt users to initiate a purchase, download or other commitment without first providing all relevant information and obtaining the user's explicit consent
* promotions that represent you, your products or your services in a way that is not accurate, realistic and truthful

Examples of misrepresentation: omitting or obscuring billing details such as how, what and when users will be charged; failing to display tax or licence numbers, contact information or physical address where relevant; making offers that aren't actually available; offering prices that you do not subsequently honour; making misleading or unrealistic claims regarding your services or products; collecting donations under false pretenses; "phishing" or falsely purporting to be a reputable company in order to get users to part with valuable personal or financial information

Dangerous Products or Services

We want to help keep people safe both online and offline, so we don't allow the promotion of some products or services that cause damage, harm or injury.

Products or Services that Enable Dishonest Behaviour

We value honesty and fairness, so we don't allow the promotion of products or services that are designed to enable dishonest behaviour.
Examples of products or services that enable dishonest behaviour: Hacking software or instructions; services designed to artificially inflate ad or website traffic; fake documents; academic cheating service

Offensive or Inappropriate Content

We value diversity and respect for others, and we strive to avoid offending users with ads or websites that are inappropriate for our community.
For this reason, we don't allow the promotion of any of the following:
* hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance or organisations with such views
* content that's likely to shock or disgust
* content that's exploitative or appears to unfairly capitalise at the expense of others

Examples of inappropriate or offensive content: bullying or intimidation of an individual or group, racial discrimination, hate group paraphernalia, graphic crime scene or accident images, cruelty to animals, murder, self-harm, extortion or blackmail, sale or trade of endangered species, ads using profane language

Prohibited Practices

Abuse of the Listings Exchange.
We want listings to be useful, varied, relevant and safe for users when serving them across the Shimrod Exchange. As a result, we don't allow any of the following:
* malicious ads, sites or apps
* ads promoting sites that offer little unique value to users and are focused primarily on traffic generation
* businesses that attempt to gain an unfair advantage in the marketplace
* businesses that attempt to bypass our review processes

All of our policies are here to protect a high quality user experience, and we've built enforcement systems and processes to prevent ads that fall below these standards. We take any attempts to trick or circumvent our ad review processes very seriously, so play fair.

Examples of abuse of the ad network: promoting content that contains malware; "cloaking" or using other techniques to hide the true destination that users are directed to; "arbitrage" or promoting destinations for the sole or primary purpose of showing ads; promoting "bridge" or "gateway" destinations that are solely designed to send users elsewhere; advertising with the sole or primary intent of gaining public social network endorsements from the user; "gaming" or manipulating settings in an attempt to circumvent our policy review systems

Irresponsible Data Collection & Use

Examples of user information that should be handled with care: full name; email address; mailing address; phone number; national identity, pension, social security, tax ID, health care, or driver's license number; birth date or mother's maiden name in addition to any of the above information; financial status; political affiliation; sexual orientation; race or ethnicity; religion
Examples of irresponsible data collection & use: obtaining credit card information over a non-secure server, promotions that claim to know a user's sexual orientation or financial status.

Editorial & Technical Requirements

We want to content that is engaging for users without being annoying or difficult to interact with.

Editorial & Professional Requirements

In order to provide a quality user experience, Shimrod Exchange requires that all promotions meet high professional and editorial standards. We only allow promotions that are clear, professional in appearance and that lead users to content that is relevant, useful and easy to interact with.
Examples of promotions that don't meet these editorial and professional requirements:
* a Display URL that does not accurately reflect the URL of the landing page, such as "Shimrod" taking users to ""
* overly generic ads that contain vague phrases such as "Buy products here"
* gimmicky use of words, numbers, letters, punctuation or symbols such as FREE, f-r-e-e and F?€€!!
* sites that are under construction, parked domains or are just not working
* sites that have disabled the browser's back button
* sites that are not viewable in commonly used browsers

Technical Requirements

In order to help you provide a quality user experience and deliver attractive, professional looking listing, Shimrod Exchange has developed technical specifications for our listings. We only allow promotions that comply with these technical specifications, so please review the technical requirements for all ad formats that you're using.

Examples of technical requirements: character limits for the ad headline or body, image size requirements, file size limits, video length limits, aspect ratios

About our Code of Conduct

We enable hobbyists of all types from around the world, to promote a wide variety of products, services and websites on Shimrod Exchange.

We want to help you reach existing and potential hobbyists and audiences. However, to help create a safe and positive experience for users, we listen to their feedback and concerns about the types of listings that they see. We also regularly review changes in online trends and practices, industry norms and regulations. And finally, in crafting our policies, we also think about our values and culture as a company, as well as operational, technical and business considerations. As a result, we have created a set of policies that apply to all promotions on the Shimrod Exchange Network.

Shimrod Exchange requires that community members comply with all applicable laws and regulations and the Shimrod Exchange policies described above. It's important that you familiarise yourself with and keep up to date on these requirements for the places where your business operates, as well as any other places that your ads are showing. When we find content that violates these requirements, we may block it from appearing, and in cases of repeated or egregious violations, we may stop you from listing with us.

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