Commission Painters

Do you ever paint on commission, or been thinking about it, either part of full time? Hopefully this might be of interest then.

As part of the Shimrod Exchange Vision Thing I would like to offer a bit of help.

That's why Shimrod Exchange exists.

Commission painting is fun, but long hours and let's face it, not very well paid. But there is a great community of people out there who want someone to paint for them and I'm trying to help connect them with you.

I'm promoting you! Yup Indeedy!

Over the coming weeks I will be spending actual budget (Yikes!) and leveraging some software industry connections I have to promote and drive traffic specifically for commission painting.

This will start to happen in early March, so, if you want to take advantage please try to get your listings up before the end of February to stand the best chance of benefitting.

Am I crazy? But why? Read on...

What's in it for Shimrod?

Good question. Would you believe me if I told you its purely for the love?

No? Really?

Well actually it is :). I started the site because I'm passionate. I need to do something for its own sake. I have a day job to pay the bills.. This is my creative outlet!.. something for the hobby that I've been obsessed with for 25 years!

Create your own listing(s).. Knock yourself out!

Use the site to highlight your commission painting services. Its totally free dudes. Like free as in doesn't cost anything.

You don't have to sell anything through the site if you so choose. You can just use us it as another way to reach people.

You can arrange your own terms, clients etc. The site is just here to help.

If you go to The Exchange  and look in the Commission Painting section I've created a couple of example listings to give you an idea. But its up to you how you present yourself.

Make sure you add yourself to the Commission Painting category or you'll pop up in the wrong place (and have to re-create your listing).. Just saying... :)

Your listing(s) will remain for as long as you want them to. 

Sell stuff you've already painted

You may have had a few cancelled commissions? Done a few example pieces? Or just painted some stuff for the hell of it.

Well, its also worth putting them up for sale in the Expert Painted & Artwork section. And that includes other art such as canvas or print.

There's someone out there for every mini.

Pass it on

If you know of other people who might be interested, let them know

Will the site stick around?

Its fully financed for at least the next year. Make the most of it

I really, really want it be useful. I want you to love it.

And I would really like to hear your feedback.

Pull the other one...

I wouldn't dare.. what if it were to fall off?

Kind regards

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