Tips for Sellers

Shimrod Exchange offers a simple and very cheap free way to sell miniatures, artwork, accessories or anything else related to miniature gaming.

We charge absolutely nothing!

We emphasise Peer-2-Peer. You are encouraged to discuss your sale with your customer.

Its simple.

  • Sellers pays us nothing. (PayPal fees apply for sellers)

Its cheap free.

  • Sellers nothing (PayPal fees apply for sellers)
  • Thats less than half the price 100% cheaper than eBay.

Its safe.

  • All financial transactions are handled by PayPal. We have no involvement in the financial transactions.

Do I need a PayPal account?

  • If you're the seller then yes. Buyers do not need PayPal accounts. All financial transactions, invoices etc. are handled through PayPal.

What about shipping?

  • We have a very simple shipping facility which we are in the process of extending. 
  • We encourage you to include shipping in the list price. There are options you can select to indicate what kind of shipping you have included.
  • By all means add additional details in the Additional Terms section.
  • Discuss your sale with your buyer.
  • You are free to negotiate payments outside of Shimrod Exchange. We really don't mind :)

How many products can I list?

  • As many as you like.

Can I change categories after I create my listing?

  • No. You can change basic details such as price and description, but to change categories will require you to create a new listing.

How long will my listing be visible?

  • Listings remain active until you decide to close them. Listings remain active to support selling multiple of the same item. It is up to you to remove listings after they are sold.

How do I sell multiples of the same item?

  • The site will keep your listing active until you close it. It is up to you when you close listings. Therefore for items where you have stock, you can sell through one listing.

How does the selling process work?

  • Simple.
  • You create a listing.
  • A buyer selects and pays.
  • PayPal holds these fund until you either accept or reject the sale?
  • You have 3 days to accept or reject.
  • If you accept the money is transferred to your account.
  • You must then ship the goods.
  • The buyer will confirm through the site, when they have received the goods.

Do I have to use your site to complete the transaction?

  • No.
  • You are free to negotiate your own exchange if you want to.

Is there a way to give reviews on buyers (or sellers)?

  • Yes.
  • Both sellers and buyers can review each other after a trade is completed.

How do I handle refunds?

  • Refunding is done via your PayPal account.

How do I handle complaints or issues?

Shimrod Exchange is a peer-2-peer marketplace. We have no involvement with the details of the trade other than as an enabler. Any issues should be resolved between yourself and the buyer. You have the usual PayPal protection mechanisms.
We can only confirm that a transaction took place.